Vol. 5 No. 2 (2018)

La construcción del Corpus EspaDA-UNCuyo. Objetivos y proyecciones

Iris Viviana Bosio
Universidad Nacional de Cuyo
Carolina Sacerdote
Universidad Nacional de Cuyo
Published October 10, 2018


Specialized Corpora, Academic Written Spanish, Academic Spoken Spanish, EspaDA-UNCuyo Corpus
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Bosio, I. V., & Sacerdote, C. (2018). La construcción del Corpus EspaDA-UNCuyo. Objetivos y proyecciones. CHIMERA: Romance Corpora and Linguistic Studies, 5(2), 289-295. https://doi.org/10.15366/chimera2018.5.2.007


In this work, we present the EspaDA-UNCuyo Corpus to share findings and future directions of our research. The project covers corpus design stage. Its general aim is to establish external criteria in order to systematize a representative and balanced sample of academic written and spoken discourse in Spanish at UNCuyo (Mendoza, Argentina). Among the most relevant findings, we established external criteria and started a compilation of authentic communicative events. In this presentation, we will make connections between the external criteria system and the performance of each criterion categories in the initial stage of sample compilation.


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