Vol. 3 No. 2 (2016): Approaching Diversity in Speech Studies: New Methodologies under Empirical Perspectives
Pragmatics and Prosody

As interrogativas do português brasileiro falado em Minas Gerais e sua entonação

Monique Leite Araújo
Università di Firenze
Dolors Font Rotchés
Universitat de Barcelona
Published September 21, 2016


intonation, absolute interrogative patterns, Brazilian Portuguese, spontaneous speech, Melodic Analysis of Speech
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Araújo, M. L., & Rotchés, D. F. (2016). As interrogativas do português brasileiro falado em Minas Gerais e sua entonação. CHIMERA: Romance Corpora and Linguistic Studies, 3(2), 359-374. Retrieved from https://revistas.uam.es/chimera/article/view/6510


This paper deals with the characterization of the melodic patterns of absolute interrogative utterances in Minas Gerais State (Brazil). This research has been made based on data from spontaneous speech settings, 32 speakers of different gender, age and education, through the Melodic Analysis of Speech (Cantero 2002). As a result, we found four intonation patterns: Rising Final Inflection (30%~60%), Rising (<30%) ~ Falling (<-30%) Final Inflection, High nucleus Final Inflection and Rising-falling Final Inflection (Araújo 2014). These patterns, established through the acoustic analysis of 76 yes/no questions, were compared with interrogatives retrieved in different areas of Brazil.


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