Núm. 7 (2012)
Filosofía Moral, Política y del Derecho / Moral, Political and Legal Philosophy

The role of motivation in the unjust combatants responsibility

Publicado febrero 11, 2016


Considering that unjust combatants do not have the same rights as the just combatants, I will analyze whether motivation plays a crucial role in the moral responsibility of unjust combatants. ‘The motivations’ mean the moral reasons for acceding of combatants to war. I will examine the motivations of soldiers and their influence on moral responsibility and indicate whether this has effect on the unjust combatants’ justification. I would like to underline the connection between neurobiology and ethics which can help to look at this problem from a different perspective1.

Keywords: Motivation, Belief, Combatants, McMahan, Moral Responsibility, Justification.