Núm. 8 (2013)
III. Derechos humanos, ciudadanía europea y cosmopolitismo: ¿utopía o realidad?

The specificity of European cosmopolitanism in light of European citizenship

Publicado febrero 10, 2016


In terms of cosmopolitan thought, the European integration adventure, and in particular European citizenship should be understood in a context derived from the very motto of the Union: that of building a United Europe, all the while safeguarding the specificities of the various European peoples. European cosmopolitanism isn't one in which national identities melt into a broader pan-European identity, but it implies a multiplicity of identities involving citizens, all of them coexisting in a multi-layered and composite political and legal space. The European answer to the cosmopolitan question should not be the creation of a European state but instead it should emphasize preserving and enriching the current federal structure of Europe.

Keywords: European federalism, cosmopolitanism, national identities, European citizenship, cultural identity, democratic societies.