Nuove risorse per la ricerca del lessico del patrimonio culturale: corpora multilingue LBC

Riccardo Billero, María Carlota Nicolás Martínez


As a result of the wealth of artistic expression that Italy has produced over the centuries, the Italian cultural heritage lexicon has become a crucial object of interest for scholars of varied disciplines. However, while monolingual art dictionaries are currently available, there are no multilingual tools that offer the same level of quality and comprehensiveness. The present work moves in that direction. In particular, the aim of this paper is to describe the work done to date in designing and implementing the LBC database, a resource for constructing a multilingual art dictionary in nine languages (Chinese, French, English, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Turkish). This database, made up of nine corresponding corpora, will contain texts whose subject is cultural heritage, ranging from technical texts on art history to books on art appreciation, such as tour guides, and, lastly, travel books highlighting Italian art and culture. Below is a summary of the decisions taken during the work process and the challenges that lie ahead for its future development.


corpus linguistics; lexicography; cultural heritage

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