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Vol. 27 (2018) Fishes from Complex A offerings of Templo Mayor of Tenochtitlan (Mexico City, Mexico) Resumen
Ana Fabiola Guzmán
Vol. 27 (2018) The dogs of Roman Vindolanda, Part III: Quantifying juvenilization and pleiotropic effects of miniaturization Resumen
Deb Bennett, Robert M. Timm
Vol. 27 (2018) Animal remains from Neolithic Lameiras, Sintra: the earliest domesticated sheep, goat, cattle and pigs in Portugal and some notes on their evolution Resumen
Simon J.M. Davis, Sónia Gabriel, Teresa Simões
Núm. 8 (1999): Archaeofauna 1000 years (6th to 16th century) of Economics Life in the Heart of Europe. Common and distinct Trends in Catttle Economy of the Baltic Sea Region and the Swiss Region of the Alpine Forelands Resumen   PDF
Heidemarie Hüster Plogmann, André Rehazek
Núm. 12 (2003): Archaeofauna 101 modos de tratar un erizo muerto: notas sobre la preparación de esqueletos desarticulados para uso zooarqueológico Resumen   PDF
Simon Davis, Sebastian Payne
Núm. 11 (2002): Archaeofauna 35 years of Archaeozoology in Spain: A critical review Resumen   PDF
Arturo Morales Muñiz
Núm. 12 (2003): Archaeofauna A Comparative Analysis of Fish Remains from some Mexica Offerings Resumen   PDF
Ana Fabiola Guzmán, Oscar J. Polaco
Núm. 18 (2009): Archeaofauna A comparative study of analytic techniques for skeletal part profile interpretation at El Mirón Cave (Cantabria, Spain) Resumen   PDF
Ana Belén Marín Arroyo
Núm. 12 (2003): Archaeofauna A GIS platform dedicated to the production of distribution models of archaeo(zoo)logical remains Resumen   PDF
Alessandra Nardini, Frank Salvadori
Núm. 23 (2014): Archaeofauna A matter of taste? Mode and periodicity of marine mollusc exploitation on the Mediterranean island of Favignana (Ègadi Islands, Italy) during its isolation in the early Holocene Resumen   PDF
Marcello A. Mannino, Kenneth D. Thomas, Enrico R. Crema, Melanie J. Leng
Núm. 5 (1996): Archaeofauna A Medieval herring industry in Denmark-The importance of herring in Eastern Denmark Resumen   PDF
Inge Bodker Enghoff
Núm. 2 (1993): Archaeofauna A methodology for the identification of avian eggshell from archaeological sites Resumen   PDF
Elizabeth J. Sidell
Núm. 11 (2002): Archaeofauna A Pig all Seasons? Approaches to the Assessment of Second Farrowing in Archaeological Pig Populations Resumen   PDF
Anton Ervynck, Keith Dobney
Núm. 6 (1997): Archaeofauna A Porcupine find from Roman Africa with a review of archaeological data from Circummediterranean sites Resumen   PDF
José Antonio Riquelme Cantal, Arturo Morales Muñiz
Núm. 25 (2016): Archaeofauna A Post-cranial Osteometrical Database for the Spanish ibex (Capra pyrenaica Schinz, 1838) Resumen   PDF
Laura Llorente Rodríguez, Victoria Quiralte
Núm. 17 (2008): Archaeofauna A Research Agenda for the Archaeomalacological Study of Prehistoric Human Ecology in the Coastal Zone of NW Sicily Resumen   PDF
Marcello A. Mannino, Kenneth D. Thomas
Núm. 11 (2002): Archaeofauna A Romano-British horse burial from Icklingham, Suffolk Resumen   PDF
Marsha A. Levine, Katherine E. Whitwell, Leo B. Jeffcott
Núm. 14 (2005): Archaeofauna Abnormal thoracic vertebrae and the evolution of horse husbandry Resumen   PDF
Marsha A. Levine, Katherine E. Whitwell, Leo B. Jeffcott
Núm. 15 (2006): Archaeofauna Acknowledgements Resumen   PDF
Foss Leach
Núm. 23 (2014): Archaeofauna Acumulações de conchas mortas de moluscos na ilha da Ínsua (Caminha, Portugal) Resumen   PDF
João Paulo S. Cabral
Núm. 3 (1994): Archaeofauna Addenda al catálogo provisional de yacimientos con aves del Cuaternario de la Península Ibérica Resumen   PDF
Francisco Hernández Carrasquilla
Núm. 13 (2004): Archaeofauna Adding Flesh to Bones: Using Zooarchaeology Research to Answer the Big-Picture Questions Resumen   PDF
Wendy G. Teeter, Arlen F. Chase
Núm. 19 (2010): Archaeofauna Age-Frequency Profiles in Micromammals: A Methodological Epiphenomenon? Resumen   PDF
Arturo Morales, Jesús Rodríguez, Jesús Rodríguez
Núm. 14 (2005): Archaeofauna Ageing the beaver (Castor fiber L.): A skeletal development and life history calendar based on epiphyseal fusion Resumen   PDF
Anders Fandén
Núm. 7 (1998): Archaeofauna Agradecimientos Resumen   PDF
Corina Liesau
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